St Ives Area Neighbourhood Development Plan was passed at referendum by an 83% majority on 5th May 2016. Voter turnout was 47.2%. There was a subsequent challenge to the decision to proceed to referendum. The High Court judgement was handed down on 10 November 2016 the application for judicial review refused. St Ives Area NDP was formally made on 29 December 2016 and is used for decision making in the Plan area – St Ives parish.

View the final Plan here – St Ives Area Neighbourhood Development Plan  and Accompanying Maps
Cornwall Council Report
Cornwall Council Decision Notice 

Examination and Proposal Reports can be viewed here:
Final Independent Examiners Report
St Ives Area Neighbourhood Development Plan Proposal Report
St Ives Area Neighbourhood Development Plan Proposal Decision

The supporting documentation is as follows:
Evidence base
Basic Conditions Statement
Consultation Statement
Sustainability Appraisal Submission Version

Information can also be found on Cornwall Council’s website.

Action Plan
During the process of consultation and drawing up St Ives Area NDP, potential projects were also identified that could contribute to the sustainable development of the area over the next 15 years. These were written into the St Ives Area Action Plan. The Action Plan projects are suggestions at this stage and have not been through a formal approval process at St Ives Town Council.  You can view the draft Action plan by clicking on the link St Ives Area Action Plan Draft Nov14

Neighbourhood Plans are a powerful tool for shaping the development and growth of our local area – St Ives, Carbis Bay, Lelant and Halsetown.

A Neighbourhood Plan sets out the community’s views on the development and use of land. This includes setting policies on where development should go, how development is designed or, to give permission for certain types of development.

Unlike a Town Plan of the past, a Neighbourhood Plan becomes a legal part of the planning system. Once a plan is made, and it has been adopted by Cornwall Council, it becomes a part of Cornwall Council’s Local Plan for the area and must be considered in the approval of planning applications.

Topic Groups are already actively working to pull together information from previous area plans. More information on all aspects of our neighbourhood plan can be found on this website.

Our Project Planning Documents
Project Plan, revised Nov 2014

St Ives Area Neighbourhood Plan Communications Strategy

St Ives NDP Sustainabililty Appraisal Scoping Report

6 Responses to Home

  1. Melanie Martin says:

    Great idea to pull people together and talk about the changes to the built environment of our lovely town. Can we consider restoring and extending rather than new build and can we expand jobs for locals and train young people?

    • Lucy Davis says:

      Thanks for your comments Melanie. Restoring existing buildings is a great idea and one that our built environment group are looking in to. If you would like to join in their discussions, you are more than welcome to attend one of their meetings – the next is 17 Sep (see above). And I absolutely agree, if there is any way that the neighbourhood plan policies can encourage local jobs and training, I will be keen to explore. All ideas welcome!

  2. Fully support the idea of restoration. This and conservation should be the priorities. There appear to be some who would want to turn Cornwall into “Croydon with wind farms”, thus destroying one of the county’s most precious assets – its scenery.

  3. Lesley Hale says:

    I thank the people who have put in the work to get the plan to this point.

    I had hoped to see a few lively statements about why we are doing this. I can’t find any. I think it’s important for a neighbourhood plan to be seen to have a focus, to be leading, not only reacting to the problems others create. I was looking for some over-arching aims and principles, for example, “Local people can expect a healthy environment in which they can live, work, raise families and be cared for.” Or, more radically, “The people of St Ives are concerned about a+b+c+d and use this plan to put forward our vision of the future” – then go on to tackle a+b+c+d in more detail.

    About housing in particular, I am concerned that the draft policy headings don’t appear to address social / rented housing which, in my view, will be the only way forward for generations of people here and elsewhere. Because it’s largely missing from government policy doesn’t mean it has to be missing from ours.

  4. Joni dent says:

    Any news on the waste land at Burrow Road near park and ride.?
    The area is an eyesore and in the view of visitors to the town.Why not CPO it and make it public open space?

    Joni dent

  5. Lorna Murray says:

    I used to live in Edinburgh when i was very young and I can remember developers started pulling down very old/stylish buildings in the beautiful Princes St opposite the castle. They were replaced with box type modern concrete shapes. Fortunately an architect with vision stopped this madness. A law was passed that all building front/exterior structures and some internal structures should be saved and only restored. This happened 45 years ago… Thank goodness we are wakening up to this. Perhaps in time, (2014) to save this area of outstanding natural beauty from thoughtless money grabbing developers.

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