Housing, Round 2 Consultation Written Responses

Housing, Round 2 Consultation Priority Projects

Housing Question 13 Response Analysis

St Ives Event Housing Responses, 16 Nov 2013

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1 Response to Housing

  1. Michael Smith says:

    People have a right to expect a lifestyle opportunity to secure work and reside in the area in which they have been born & educated. However, there are limitations such are locality & cost of housing.
    The expectation should be managed against achievement in life & the community. Absorbing a good education and applying it in any workplace has proven in the past, that hard work pays off. Creating affordable homes in areas where housing cost is inflated by land cost & limited public transport + oversubscribed schools & surgeries, appears a flawed approach. In Lelant for example, 50% of affordable homes would likely result in a commute for schools & work for every new family.
    This will create additional congestion & the delays will result in further unseen lost hours trying to get from A to B. New retail outlets being built in Hayle, are likely to attract a convergence of traffic from the local area. This should be avoided by building into any residential development plan, a sensible approach ensuring new residences do not add to traffic congestion & the longer term increase in road use as people live longer & younger people mature + take to the road.

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