Pre-submission Consultation

St Ives Area Neighbourhood Development Plan Pre-submission Draft
Map 1 Culture and Heritage 1
Map 2 Culture and Heritage 2
Map 3 Culture and Heritage3
Map 4 St Ives Town Centre Map
Map 5 Shops and retailers serving food
Map 6(a) Carbis Bay
Map 6(b) Lelant
Map 7 Proposed Land Allocations
Map 8 Landscape and Open Spaces
Map 9 Public Rights of Way
Map 10 Community Facilities and Public Spaces
Map 11 Built Environment Policy Key Map
Map 12 St Ives Character Areas
Map 13 Carbis Bay Character Areas
Map 14 Lelant Character Areas
Map 15 Halsetown Character Areas

Sustainability Appraisal (Strategic Environmental Assessment)
St Ives Area NDP Sustainability Appraisal
To support the ongoing development of the St. Ives Area NDP, a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) process is being carried out. The purpose of the SA process is to inform and influence the plan-making process with the aim of maximising its contribution to sustainable development.

The SA process is being undertaken to meet the requirements of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Regulations.

The consultation draft of the St. Ives Area NDP is accompanied by an SA Report, which presents an appraisal of the current version of the plan and reasonable alternatives. The SA Report therefore provides consultees with further context as to likely sustainability performance of the latest version of the NDP.

The preparation of the SA Report follows the release of the SA Scoping Report in June 2014 to English Heritage, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

Click on the link above to view the report.

Action Plan
During the process of consultation and drawing up St Ives Area NDP, potential projects were also identified that could contribute to the sustainable development of the area over the next 15 years. These were written into the St Ives Area Action Plan. The Action Plan is not statutory and does not form part of this consultation. But you can view the Action plan by clicking on the link St Ives Area Action Plan Draft Nov14

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2 Responses to Pre-submission Consultation

  1. Giles Newcombe says:

    I agree withe plan and have a couple of suggestions to improve it.
    1. In the vision statement for Housing is “support” strong enough in the reference to affordable housing, why not something more proactive such as “actively encouraged” or “prioritised above other housing”

    2. Can there be more definitive planning constraints more clearly spelled out in the requisite section to prevent anymore building of any type on the direct coastline itself, maybe a presumption of refusal unless its redevelopment of any existing dwelling that needs it.

    • Thank you for your comments.
      Point 1 – I will pass this on to the housing group to go into their final considerations on the objective for the final draft.
      Point 2 – the National Planning Policy Framework always gives a presumption of acceptance, which we can’t contravene. The policies have been designed to give maximum protection for our coastline under existing rules, while allowing for some development to take place over the next 15 years.

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